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The RELAY (2x 1000m)

Runner 1: La STEP -> La Rèche

Runner 2: La Rèche -> Illhorn

Each runs 1000m of positive elevation

The VERTICAL KM (short course)

Starting from the 10th edition, the short course, like the double KM, finishes at the summit of Illhorn

Start from La Rèche, finish at Illhorn (2716m)

1000m of positive elevation over 3.2km

Attention: as with the long course, it is strongly recommended to equip yourself with suitable gear (windbreaker, cap, etc.)

The DOUBLE KM (long course)

Connecting La STEP (Fang) to Illhorn (2716m)

2000m of positive elevation over 7.7km

Attention: It is highly recommended to have appropriate equipment for the long course!

(warm clothing or windbreaker in case of bad weather conditions, cap or bandana, sunglasses...)

The KID'S VERTICAL (children's race)

Route: Mayens de la Rèche -> Chandolin (2000m)

300m of positive elevation over 1.2km

Categories: Girls and Boys, from 5 years old.