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>>! NEW in 2019 ! <<

RELAY (2 x 1000m)

Runner #1 : La STEP -> La Rèche

Runner #2 : La Rèche -> Illhorn

everyone runs 1000m of elevation gain

The VERTICAL KM (short path)

Links Fang to Chandolin (2000 m)

1000 m positive ascent over 3.5 km

The DOUBLE KM (long path)

Links the STEP (Fang) to the Illhorn (2716 m)

2000 m positive ascent over 7.7 km

Beware: it is highly recommended to possess adequate material for the long path!


Itinerary: “Mayens de la Rèche” -> Chandolin (2000 m)

300 m positive ascent over 1.2 km

Categories Girls and Boys, as from 5 years old